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Troubleshooting, Maintenance & Installation

Maintenance Procedures

The most basic maintenance should be obvious: keep it clean. Clean off the chips, wipe down the table, sweep the floor, etc..

How To Back Up Configuration and Parameters

How To Back Up Part Programs

How to Measure Backlash

How to Clean Servo Drive Logic Power Connection

This procedure is recommended every 2-3 years for all M10, M20, M40, M50, M60, M39 and early M400 controls. This will fix and/or prevent intermittent jerks and "full power w/o motion" and "position error" stalls.


Encoder Test Fixture

How to make and use a test device for Centroid DC-servo encoders.

Position Loss Troubleshooting

Tips and procedures for isolating position loss issues, including mechanical slippage, encoder failures, and programming errors.

RTK2 PLC Status LEDs

How to interpret the red and green status LEDs on an RTK2 PLC Unit.

Diagnostic Tools

How to Use the Drag Diagnostic

Yaskawa Sigma V Drive Monitoring

Using the Yaskawa drive monitoring modes to measure torque load.

Installation and Field Modification

How To Set the Spindle Orient Position with a Delta C2000 drive

How To Swap Compact Flash Cards

How to Swap a SERVO1 or QUADDRV servo drive

How to Remove and Replace a PC104-bus CPU7 board

How to Access the Motherboard and Backlight Inverter in a PC104-bus M400 console

How to Replace the LCD backlight tube in an original M400

How To Wire a DC Motor Cable MS Connector

Convert a 4-axis control from 24VDC clamp to 120VAC clamp

This procedure is needed if you have a pre-2002 4-axis control, wired for a rotary table with a 24VDC clamp solenoid coil, and you want to use a current Centroid rotary table which has a 120VAC clamp solenoid.

Convert a 1993-1994 M40 control for programmable spindle speed

This diagram shows wiring connections to convert an early 1994 Supermax M50 to use a GS3 inverter and programmable spindle speed, using the SPINOVER board connected to the original 15/15 PLC.

This conversion could also apply to 1997-2001 M39 controls which used the same PLC board.

Replace a DC3IO with a DC3IOB

This procedure explains issues you may encounter if you need to replace the DC3IO combined servo drive and PLC unit in an existing control with the newer (2009 and later) DC3IOB unit.

Installing a new MATX power supply in a 2004-2010 Uniconsole

Information about Laser Ballscrew Compensation

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