Hitachi Seiki VK65 VMC

This is a Centroid M400 retrofit to a 50-taper machining center from around 1990. The retrofit was completed in November 2008.

The machine has a 20HP AC spindle, 30-station hydraulic tool changer, two-range hydraulically-shifted head, and chip conveyer system.

This machine was originally equipped with a Yasnac MX3 control.

I installed a Centroid M400 with Yaskawa Sigma II servo drives and motors. I used a Koyo DL205 PLC unit, since the machine required more inputs and outputs than the Centroid PLCIO2 unit would provide.

The newer generation of Centroid hardware -- introduced in 2010 -- has more than enough I/O to support a retrofit like this, eliminating the need for the external PLC.

The control cabinet is shown above. New Yaskawa servo drives are on the left; the original Yaskawa 626-MTIII spindle drive is top center; power distribution on the right; and the Koyo PLC is on the right-side door.

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