Fadal VMC6030

This is a Centroid M400 retrofit to a 1998 Fadal vertical machining center. The retrofit was completed in June 2020.

The machine has a 15HP, 8000 RPM AC spindle; Glentek AC servo drives and motors; and 21-station tool changer with Fadal's "servo turret" option.

The machine was originally equipped with a Fadal 88HS control.

I installed a Centroid M400 with the MPU11 motion controller and GPIO4D axis interface, running the original Glentek servo drives and motors, and the original Baldor spindle drive.

The control cabinet is shown at right. The original drive chassis is in the upper right; Centroid MPU11 control board at top left; GPIO4D and PLCADD1616 boards at the bottom; and supporting circuit breakers, relays, and distribution terminals bottom right.

The Centroid control computer is in the console.

The power cabinet, on the back of the machine column, is shown here. It is largely unchanged. Only the Fadal 1100-2 distribution board has been removed, replaced with DIN terminals, and with relays to control the tool arm motor and spindle chiller.

The boards in the top right corner control the "servo turret" motor, for ATC carousel rotation.

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