Bridgeport/Romi EZ Path SD

This is a Centroid T400 retrofit to a 1999 toolroom lathe. The retrofit was completed in March 2013.

The machine has a 10HP spindle motor with low/high (star/delta) winding switching.

It features toolroom-style controls on the apron panel, including dual electronic handwheels; spindle start/stop lever; and cycle start and pause buttons.

The T400 console arm mounted to the cabinet, above the headstock. This put the console in a similar location to the original BPCT console.

The original Yaskawa servo drives and motors (early Sigma series drives) worked nicely with the Centroid MPU11 and GPIO4D control units, in a velocity control mode.

The MPU11 and GPIO4D fit in the lower-left space previously occupied by the Bridgeport control unit.

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